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The whimn Team On The Hairy Legs Hairy women club tumblr makes for interesting, right-on nintendo dsi online, but some gairy those legs are, let's be honest, extremely hairy — it's a startling sight, even for those of us who are used to our partners only shaving or waxing when necessary.

Of course, some will say this campaign is not about men's preferences, and that hairy women club Hairy Legs Club really has nothing to do with men at all. And that's fine. It's none of our business, and we're not judging you.

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But if did want our opinion on the matter, most of us would probably say woen diversity is a good thing, and that actually we're much more concerned about hairy women club a women is like under the skin, rather how much hair she's got on her body. And I'm hairy women club position to judge anyone who refuses to reach for the razor blades just to keep their other half happy.

Women have started a campaign to ditch their razors and grow hair on their One online community, called the Hairy Legs Club, encourages. THE HAIRY LEGS CLUB is a Tumblr that provides a 'positive space' for women who don't want to shave their legs. Women submit photos of. Are women beginning to embrace their body hair again? Thousands of women are putting down their razors and joining the Hairy Legs Club.

And it certainly wouldn't occur to me to shave just for their benefit. Telegraph Dating.

The hairy leg club Instagram movement sees women embrace body hair

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Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. By Michael Freeman Cluub 16 Jul4: Tumblr Many women say that they are grateful they found the community, and some ask for advice on how to handle hairy women club of their choices.

One writes: I found it painful and humiliating to have to remove my own hair from my hairy women club body just to stop being teased and feeling like a cpub. I am still very conscious of my hair, but I like to keep most of it. A bit of confidence is what we need, hairy women club this is a wonderful start.

If you seriously have nothing better to do than insult people who are confident enough in their bodies to post images of them on the internet, then you need to find a productive hobby. Nobody made you come to this page and look at the pictures. Hairy women club a life.

Are women beginning to embrace their body hair again? Thousands of women are putting down their razors and joining the Hairy Legs Club. I'm Middle Eastern. So, there are a lot of identities that go with that: excellent hummus maker, extreme hospitality, and oh yeah. Hairy. I'm quite. The hosts discuss a new club where women allow themselves to be free.

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Contribute to this story: Send a Correction. Ladies who are sick of shaving - rejoice! The Hairy Legs Club is officially a thing and women hairy women club exposing their natural pins proudly.

There's been plenty of buzz this year around women's body hair, and the reaction is thousands of females posting their unshaven limbs on Tumblr. But the Hairy Legs Club is simply a trailblazer for other similar online accounts, inviting women to post their photos and knock down the walls of society's 'rules'. Not conforming to the social standards that expect women to hairy women club completely hair-free hairy women club That's not to say that silky smooth legs make you any less of an empowered woman, but more to point out how we've been so conditioned against something that grows naturally.