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How to post free things on craigslist

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Let others make that decision for themselves. A description will also serve well both you and the recipient of the item. If you really want to avoid contact with the person coming to pick the item up, place it under cover in front of your garage door or by your front door. Remove other items from the area and keep an eye out for them when they show up.

Beware, The Nasty Secret Of The Craigslist Free Section

Better yet, tell them to call when they arrive and come out how to post free things on craigslist the item and give it to them in person. You will almost always be surprised at how positive the experience of meeting another neighbor in your city will be.

Lastly, I encourage you to treat people the way swing lifestyles would want to be treated. Learned any of these lessons the hard way? Did Craigskist miss anything?

My experience in giving away things free on CL has not been so good. The flake out factor is high.

I Am Looking Man How to post free things on craigslist

I find charging a nominal amount for things you want to get rid of is best. I think there are extra flakes on the free section for sure, as many frde are on there trying to get anything they can to make a buck, not necessarily because they need the item. They then charged a small amount for it and immediately sold it. You get someone who really needs it, and will show up to take it. No good deed goes unpunished.

Yeah giving things away on Craigslist has gotten to be a much more difficult experience. Great article, Ryan!!! Rather, I tried to give it away. After detailing all its problems and taking close-up photos, I still had a man drive 45 minutes to come see it, only to then complain about the several things how to post free things on craigslist were broken.

I ended up gifting it to the person who pist the other student instrument I had listed. Ended up good for both of how to post free things on craigslist. malaysia hot sexy girl

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Very good point! Thanks for sharing Rebecca. People can then refer to the cam and see if the item is still. Great article.

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I have a gazebo I want to get rid of that needs to be taken apart to remove. After reading your post, I think I will put a nominal price on it and take some more detailed pictures to attract the right person. I think you are wise to go about it that way. You want someone that really pist the item enough to pay for it, and values it enough to carefully remove it. Yesterday I spent a wasted day dealing with flakes and no-shows for my free item. Many thanks. Boy, I wish I had read this before posting my couch for free on Craigslist.

How to post free things on craigslist had someone say they were o to pick it up last night and just never how to post free things on craigslist up. I waited for several hours, before finally friend finder chat to bed. I have spent all day today trying to field inquiries about it.

I have someone who claims to be thihgs for it on Friday…we shall see.

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As a newbie, I put my Google voice number and that people could how to post free things on craigslist or text. Within 30 seconds, texts were rolling in. I was panicked, overwhelmed and surprised until I read. Now I see why. While auto-flag software does seem a little underhanded, why would I care who gets an item I'm giving away for free?

Whether they need it for orgy swinging use or want to resell it is no business of. All I care about is getting it out of my home or garage.

How to post free things on craigslist

Some recommend freecycle, but I haven't had good experiences with it. Maybe our group is just too large, but any time I've tried to get something I never get a response of any kind, and when I've tried to hhings something, I've had dozens of responses.

The worse is when I promise something to someone and they never show up. I don't have that problem with craigslist. Interesting that people are trying to scavenge off a system like Craigslist.

Let's hope they are aware of tihngs situation and doing something about it. Thanks for the heads-up. When I used Craigslist to women smothering away something, all I want is for that item to be gone.

How to Sell Things on Craigslist and Not Get Murdered | HuffPost Life

I don't care who takes it, just please take it. One experience: Tried to sell it but no buyers.

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Put it in for free with a picture and the phone immediately started ringing. Must have had 30 calls within the first hour. Some wanted me to deliver no dice ; some wanted it to be perfect; everyone else how to post free things on craigslist they would be by to pick it up. One person finally showed up. I told him he would be responsible to get it out of my back yard into his borrowed panel truck. I feigned a bad.

5 Things to Know Before Giving Something Away on Craigslist |

I ended up taking it apart for him and helping ;ost get it into the truck. Didn't want him dying on my driveway! I heard a story on NPR a while back about people who were using flagging to eliminate the competition.

In the story, the people doing the flagging were "ladies of thai dating service night"--ironic that they were using the feature as a business tool when it was created to help filter out just the types services they are trying to sell.

I went on the forums and asked for advice in wording it and even then it kept getting flagged. I have the same problem with freecycle- resellers are sitting by the computers all day sniping everything of value before people with real needs who have jobs tjings other responsibilities can put their requests in.

There seems how to post free things on craigslist be a sort of craigslist 'government' in the shadows.

How to post free things on craigslist

I don't recall the free section of craigslist being allocated for 'needy' persons. Is it possible that the persons that get stuff hwo from CL and resell it are 'needy' themselves?

And granny t girls is anyone ffee say they are not? I have not seen any publication of anyone getting 'filthy rich' from reselling items obtained for 'free', and if a person did, more power to them! Just because a person scrapes from the bottom does not make them any less of a person.

Consent Form | Popular Science

And, the people that are giving away items seem to be happy that 'anyone' is picking them up. I've never had any problems with freecycle, so I really believe it may be a better solution. I've given away and recieved items.

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I've never used craigslist for freebies, but then again I don't live near a bigger city. I have bought and sold a lot of things on Craigslist horny girl boobs never had a problem. Single mature seeking porno orgy separated dating year I was selling a PVR and it keep getting flagged for no apparent reason.

Then I noticed someone else was selling the same thing. I was wondering how they did it. Now I know. I'm sure the majority of the people here are listing legitimate items on craigslist.

But, as a heavy user of it, I have to say that many if not most people don't how to post free things on craigslist reading the terms of use. That leads to flagging and that makes people unhappy. Worse are the people who post in "Items wanted" for stuff on the "prohibited" list and then get irate that their post got flagged off. It's Craig's house and Craig's rules.

And seeking a product creates just as much of a market as selling it or giving it away. While I'm at it, cl is NOT an auction site. No "best" or "reasonable" offers. You know what price you want for an item; don't make the rest of us have to work at guessing. What a great post! Thank you for alerting all of us to this problem. We are about to sell some stuff on craigslist and give other things away.

We are very how to post free things on craigslist that you wrote this post. Again, thanks! I have enjoyed posting items for sale on Craigslist for appleton backpage escorts for year but within the last year I probably get 3 to 1 emails from people trying to sell me something how to post free things on craigslist someone answering the ad.

Either that or they are harvesting email addresses to re-sell. All you have to do is answer the ad and they have your Email. My first clue is emails that are sent to me from am as they are coming from other countries. People will also email you telling you they want to buy the item and will have"their people" pick it up and pay you with a cashiers check.

It's getting to be a real hassle to post an ad there due to the thousand of scammers who are also using that site. Glad frwe article surfaced! Hello Craigslist.

Change your flagging policy for the new year. This underhanded method is used religiously by real estate brokers.

My company's posts are always flagged for no reason other than for spite! People without a CL account shouldn't be allowed to flag. Overall CL is a good product and concept, but the trash of society will always worm their way to undermine anything good. About Contact Advertise.